Corn maze gone viral

Taylor Swift Corn Maze from Treva Thrush on Vimeo.

If you’ve been dying to come face-to-face with Taylor Swift, now is your chance. Swift is at Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland, every day this fall — in the form of corn, at least.

Although they don’t call themselves “Swifties,” Summers Farm owners Jeff and Teresa Greenwood decided to shape their corn maze as Swift’s face because they said they like the message she sends people.

“A lot of people think she is this role model for kids but really she is a role model for everybody by the way she carries herself, how she treats people, and how she is big on being your own person,” Jeff told Rolling Stone.

And the maze is Swift-approved. Swift posted a photo of her corn-themed tribute with the caption: “Lawn goals.” The photo went viral with more than a million likes.

“This maze has gone worldwide everywhere,” Teresa said. “We’ve been getting calls, we’re in Rolling Stone magazine. We’ve been very popular and we do think it’s going to boost attendance.”

But if you make your way to Frederick, make sure you’ve studied some Swift trivia. The maze contains multiple choice questions about the pop star throughout. Each answer choice will either send you to the finish or get you lost — depending if you answer correctly.

“I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan,” farm-goer Colleen Weber said. “But actually, I only knew about half. The rest I Googled, to be honest. I thought they were pretty tough.”

The Swift maze is open daily until Nov. 1.

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